Wholesale Custom Woven Blanket

Universe Qianshun is a professional custom woven blanket manufacturer that offers wholesale services. Each woven blanket is customizable according to your requirements.

  • Available in optional tasseled edges
  • Easy online creation
  • High-quality and durable
  • Custom sizes, designs, and styles

Wholesale Woven Blankets from Universe Qianshun

Universe Qianshun offers a wide range of woven blankets that are warm and thick for outdoor or indoor applications. It can be used for camping, as a decorative through, or as a rug. These customizable woven blankets can also be used as a gift. Here in Universe Qianshun, we manufacture woven blankets that are perfect for different seasons and occasions.

At Universe Qianshun, we can let you create our own woven blanket design. You can upload and send us your desired images, texts, layouts, clip arts, and more. We have an easy-to-use online tool to help you become creative in designing your woven blankets. All our woven blankets are available in custom sizes to meet your requirements.

For your custom woven blanket needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why Choose Universe Qianshun Woven Blankets


Our woven blankets offer maximum versatility for different purposes. Its large size is perfect for queen beds. These are also ideal for sofa naps.

Machine Washable
Machine Washable

All our woven blankets are pre-washed and dried before leaving the mill. Therefore, it will never fade or shrink when washed.


Universe Qianshun manufactures woven blankets with a confortable feeling.It is also with maxium soft,warm,and light

Excellent characteristics
Excellent Characteristics

Our woven blankets offers an excellent skin feeling. Its strands are not easy to shed. These are also manufactured with fine and fluffy texture.

High-Quality and Beautiful Woven Blankets

We manufacture woven blankets made from premium 100% natural cotton. Therefore, you can assure that these blankets are super soft and lightweight. Our woven blankets are also textured beautifully to guarantee a wonderful and cozy feeling.

All our woven blankets are manufactured using the finest quality yarn. We used a thermal weave to stitch all the yarns to achieve a luxurious and breathable woven blanket finish. These are perfect for any interior such as a couch or bed. It can also be used for camping, travel, and more.

High-Quality and Beautiful Woven Blankets
Customized Woven Blankets

Customized Woven Blankets

Universe Qianshun has a well-equipped factory with cutting-edge loom technology. Thus, you can assure that we can provide monochrome or solid colored yarns. Because of that, we are able to offer more than 200 color finishes to meet your requirements.

Aside from that, we can also customize your woven blankets with your graphic designs or images with very sharp detail. We also integrate a custom fringe from the thread’s primary color to prevent fraying. Thus, providing a perfect finish.

Features of Our Woven Blankets

We manufacture custom woven blankets that have the following features:

  • Odor-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality artwork, and more
Features of Our Woven Blankets

Your Reliable Wholesale Custom Woven Blanket Manufacturer

Your Reliable Wholesale Custom Woven Blanket Manufacturer in China
Your Reliable Wholesale Custom Woven Blanket Manufacturer in China

Universe Qianshun is a professional manufacturer of custom woven blankets that are soft, warm, and comfortable for use in any season. These are made from 100% pure and natural cotton so you can assure its durability. All our custom woven blankets are certified by international quality standards such as SGS, ISO, and more.

We have strict quality control that monitors every production stage of woven blankets from material selection, and designing, to production. Our team manufactures woven blankets according to your desired details such as design, colors, sizes, and pattern styles. We will provide you with low MOQ and affordable prices.

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Available Pattern Design

Here in Universe Qianshun, we manufacture woven blankets with the following patterns:

  • Plain
  • Multi-colored jacquard
  • Plain
  • Floral pattern
  • Animal pattern

We can also customize each pattern design according to your needs.

Custom Style, Color, and Packaging

We manufacture a wide range of woven blankets in fashionable and braided styles. It also comes in various colors such as grey, red, yellow, blue, pink, and more. Our team can also provide packaging such as:

  • Cross ribbon
  • Vacuum packaging
  • PP bag

Take note that all woven blankets’ styles, colors, and packaging are customizable upon your request.

Why Should You Trust Universe Qianshun as Your Woven Blanket Supplier

Offers OEM and ODM Services

Universe Qianshun can manufacture woven blankets with OEM and ODM services. Therefore, you can assure that all details such as the design pattern, logo, colors, sizes, hangtags, packaging, and more are all made according to your requirements.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Universe Qianshun offers a start-up-friendly minimum order quantity. We can provide normal MOQ starting from 300pcs per color of every woven blanket. However, if the size of the product is too small, we can also increase the minimum order quantity.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of your woven blanket orders, Universe Qianshun has strict quality control such as:

  • Material quality control
  • Production quality control
  • Inspection team for inspecting woven blanket quality before delicery
Wholesale Woven Blankets to Skyrocket Your Business
Wholesale Woven Blankets to Skyrocket Your Business

At Universe Qianshun, we offer an extensive selection of woven blankets with variety of colors, sizes, designs, and styles. We offer factory-direct prices and wholesale services to meet your requirements.

  • “I would recommend Universe Qianshun to anyone who wants to purchase a bulk quantity of woven blankets. Their woven blankets are a soft and high-quality plus, the pricing ensures a good profit.”

  • “Working with Universe Qianshun was a lifesaver for my business. They provided me with comfortable and durable woven blankets at a reasonable price.”

  • “The customization services of Universe Qianshun make it very easy and printing was very hassle-free. Their team helped me find the right materials, colors, and other details for my woven blankets. Plus, the quality of the blankets is outstanding.”

Are Woven Blankets Quilts?

Since ancient times, quilts have been a blanket to keep beds warm. They consist of three fibers: a top composed of several pieces of fabric sewn together to form a pattern. A thin filler of cotton or Wool; and a back, typically constructed of one very large piece of woven fabric.

How Do You Wash Woven Blankets?

You can use machine wash or hand wash.

Use a gentle cold water cycle and mild detergent, always avoid bleaching detergents. It will help to remove the excess yarn that might be clinging to your bedding. The initial wash usually eliminates the issue or drastically reduces the shedding.

Are Woven Blankets Warm?

Contrary to popular belief, loosely woven fabrics retain heat better than tightly knit ones. The gaps and voids between the yarn fibers trap your body heat.

Heat builds up inside the blanket adjacent to your body and takes a while to escape, providing excellent warmth.

Why Buy Woven Blankets
  • Chinese have the best quality woven blankets.
  • Their prices are usually lower when compared other countries.
  • They usually deliver the woven blackest on time.
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