Universe Qianshun plays a significant role in unique terry robe manufacturing.
We offer comprehensive options size, color, pattern, types, gram weight, and
can be customized according to your request.

• Better absorbency and softness
• Longer and stronger loops
• Exceptional-grade cotton loop terry fabric
• Personalize with embroidered artwork, text, or logos

Universe Qianshun Terry Robe

Terry robe is a silky, absorbent, and elegant bath robe. It helps one dry off in comfort and style – both ideal for men and women. These robes are extraordinarily soft to touch. And become even softer with each wash. Its excellent features include two side pockets and a matching double belt loop.

Universe Qianshun can personalize terry robes with embroidery styles like brand name, monogram, and initials. Each terry robe is customizable. You can choose thread colors – pink, black, white, orange, gold, navy, metallic gold, royal, etc. Plenty of choices await you. Our rigorous attention to detail and high-quality embroidery set us apart. What are you waiting for? Call us now!

Universe Qianshun Terry Robe Advantages

100% Highly Absorbent Cotton
100% Highly Absorbent Cotton

The terry robe is made of 100% superfine cotton fabric. It provides strength and breathability with zero-twist cotton fibers for a luxurious soft feel.


Universe Qianshun terry robe boasts quick-drying abilities. It dries rapidly after washing, thus providing extra warmth. That feature makes it ideal for hot springs, spas, and so on.


Our terry robe can be machine-washed. They do not crumple or stretch during the process. During the initial washing test phase, using the waist tie as a color and texture control group.

Soft and Comfortable
Soft and Comfortable

Universe Qianshun series of terry robes are comfortable and soft. It’s skin-friendly, luxurious, and cozy, bringing comfort day and night. Designed for optimum relaxation and built to last.

How Terry Robe is Made?

The terry cloth robe is often comprised of a pile of cotton fabric that has been looped. It allows for a great quantity of moisture or liquid absorption. Weaving or knitting are used to make terry cloth. Universe Qianshun terry robes are meticulously crafted.

We use advanced manufacturing processes to generate the softest nap with the best absorption. It keeps dry and comfortable at all times. We at Universe Qianshun design terry bathrobes with chic and sleek style. It comes in all sizes, with plus-size orders available when needed.

Step-by-Step Production

Step-by-Step Production

  1. Cotton Sourcing

At Universe Qianshun, we utilize 100% cotton only that has been certified by international standards. They ensure that authentic cotton meets the high durability, quality, and softness requirements.

  1. Yarn Weaving

The materials are further processed and spun into usable yarn. Universe Qianshun uses cutting-edge technology to sustain environmental ideals in the fabric spinning sector.

  1. Textile Dyeing

A textile manufacturing factory dyes the thread. They commit to environmental preservation by wastewater discharges and reducing air emissions.

  1. Cutting and Sewing

The fabric is cut and sewed into robes. All terry robes are frequently audited to ensure they met the quality and safety standards.

Universe Qianshun Terry Robe Best Features

At Universe Qianshun, we focus on providing high-profile terry robes. It gains acknowledgment from our international partners with its excellent characteristics.

  • Takes less drying time (cost-effective and energy-efficient)
  • Fashionable design and feathery-soft fabric
  • Plush, super soft, and comfortable
  • Double belt loop for height adjustment
  • Two front pockets to wear frequently used stuff
  • Comprehensive thread color options with EMB design
Terry Robe Best Features

Why Work With Universe Qianshun for Your Terry Robe Project

Terry Robe Suppliers
Terry Robe Suppliers2

With years of combined manufacturing knowledge, Universe Qianshun launched the terry robe. Universe Qianshun can offer high-quality custom promotional products at competitive prices. All products are approved by GOTS and OEKO-TEX, to name a few.

At Universe Qianshun, the goal is to provide the best custom solution. To offer a vast selection of your design. Qianshun have a range of styles and textures ideal for men and women. Plus, it’s available with different features like adjustable shoulder straps, wraps elastic, and more. Qianshun source the best material for your terry robe needs.

Whether starting your textile brand or having an eCom business, Universe Qianshun is your ideal source. Please send your inquiries now.

Universe Qianshun Terry Robe

Main Reason to Choose US

We deliver high-profile terry robes and other textile products to our partners. At Universe Qianshun, we design personalized items that boost your brand and marketing experience. Our advantages over others involve:

  1. Rich Knowledge in Terry Robe Manufacturing
  2. Experienced and Professional R&D team
  3. Integrated Production, Processing, and Sales Department
  4. Fine Workmanship and Efficient Production
  5. Sufficient Inventory + Quick Response
  6. Provide Shipping Solution Based on Your Preference
  7. Economic Transportation
  8. Arrange Cargo Delivery
  9. One-Stop Service
Custom Service Process

Universe Qianshun can customize the terry robe according to your specifications. It includes design, size, logo, and so on. You can send your design files by AI, PDF, CAD, CDR, etc. Take action now, and we’ll make it come true.

  1. Customization
  2. Quoted Price
  3. Select Template
  4. Payment
  5. To Design
  6. First Draft
  7. Confirm the Plan
  8. Processing
  9. Confirm Receipt

OEM Terry Robe Applications


The terry robe can be customized with your luxury hotel’s logo. It stands out far more than a generic robe. We have extensive OEM expertise with 5-star hotel monogrammed bathrobes. Therefore, we can give you a professional solution.


Universe Qianshun can customize any terry robe to match your spa’s mode. Personalized monograms can be embroidered on the robes. It is made from the softest and most luxurious fabrics.

Lounge or Sauna

Our terry robes are ultra-soft, absorbent, and quick to dry. It comes in gorgeous styles, perfect for sauna or lounge applications. Using high-quality terry cotton, these cozy robes are ideal for any occasion.

Cruise Line

Terry robes by Universe Qianshun are a fantastic addition to any cruise. Offers plush, soft, absorbent terry robes to your visitors to emulate quality and class with your business. Universe Qianshun has a range of options available.

Swimming Pool

The terry pool robes combine comfort, style, and utility with basic cotton, cover-ups, and terry fabric. They are made of 100% cotton toweling – thick and absorbent. All are designed and cut by our skilled pattern designers.

terry robe china
Your Leading Terry Robe Suppliers

Custom Terry Robe Manufacturer. Tailored Any Terry Robe Design to Meet Your Business Requirements. OEM Packaging Services Including Labels, Tags, and Cartons. 100% Customize Solutions.

  • “I strongly recommend Universe Qianshun for beautiful terry robe. The quality of fabrics will endure for years. This is perfect for my textile brand. Also, you’ll find a variety of hues to pick from. When you start receiving Universe Qianshun things, you will instantly fall in love with the high quality of the items they provide.”

  • “The robe exceeded my expectations. I purchased a bundle for my business and am happy with what I received. They are very professional, and every step of production is very smooth. The robe itself was wonderful! It was immediately soft to the touch, almost like a cloud. It’s warm, comfortable, and fits true to size. I love Universe Qianshun. I would strongly suggest them to others. You will not be let down.”

  • “Universe Qianshun plays an important role in turning our design come true. We introduced them to our terry robe style, and they made it. Not to mention the quality fabrics. They made it easy for us to start our eCom textile business.”

What Is Terry Robe?

A terry robe is a fabric made of soft cotton loops that is water absorbent and warm.

It is designed as an overlapping shawl with a flat neck line, two front pockets and a detachable loop.

This makes it easily adjustable while wrapping around the body. They are primarily used in homes, beaches, pools, hotels and spas.

Can You Use Terry Robe as Bathrobe?


It is soft-textured on the skin, quick drying, non-allergenic and absorbs large amount of water unlike ordinary towels which are rough on the skin. Additionally, it ensures comfort, a luxurious and stylish feeling after a bath.

Is Terry Robe Absorbent?

Yes, Terry robe’s fibre content makes it excellent in absorbing water as it gets denser when wet, unlike microfiber and synthetic robes.

Although white robes absorb water better than dark robes, since the chemicals that dye the robes prevent the fibres from absorbing water.

What Are Terry Robes Made of?

Terry robes are preferably made of cotton because they are soft, highly absorbent, breathable, affordable, easy to wash and dye.

With the increasing demand for terry robes others are blended with linen, silk, nylon, and polyester fibres.

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