Universe Qianshun plays a significant role in unique terry robe manufacturing.
We offer comprehensive options size, color, pattern, types, gram weight, and
can be customized according to your request.

• Better absorbency and softness
• Longer and stronger loops
• Exceptional-grade cotton loop terry fabric
• Personalize with embroidered artwork, text, or logos

Universe Qianshun Robe Materials

Universe Qianshun is a leading manufacturer and supplier that offers high quality silk robe. We are specialized in providing customized silk robe products for your business. As a manufacturer, we also provide custom made silk robe with various design, color, size available. Our custom silk are made from durable, long-lasting, high quality materials and scaled up in productions.

We are provider of custom unisex silk robe. Each design of our silk robe customizable just to fit for different application. Universe Qianshun supplies custom silk robe all over the world and we can be your supplier to start up your business.

For customized design of silk robe, Don’t forget to message us now!

Universe Qianshun Silk Robe Advantages

Easy to Clean

We silk robe that is easy to clean after use. Our silk robes features: quick-dry after wash, breathable, smooth, and so on.

Comfortable to Use

The silk robe from Universe Qianshun is fabric hypoallergenic and can maintain a comfortable temperature when used.


One of the main benefits of our silk robe is that it is breathable. It is a breeze to wash and easy to love by the users.


Universe Qianshun always ensures the quality of our silk robe at a very affordable price. It floral design, which is an ideal use for weddings, dressing gown.

Why Choose Qianshun Silk Robe

Our silk robe is available in a different style that is good for your business such as wrap-style silk robe, breathable silk robe, long silk robe, mulberry silk robe, elegant silk robe, and soon. As a manufacturer and supplier, we can give you high-quality silk to supply your business needs.

We offer ultra-soft silk robes that delicately drape, and hug the curve of the users with stunning color patterns to make the silk robe a pleasure to look at. Our customized silk robe will give you stunning and look royalty to your customers.

Moreover, our silk robe can give many years of service. You can trust Universe Qianshun as your top Supplier of silk Robes. Message us now!

why choose qianshun silk robe
silk robe feature

Universe Qianshun Silk Robe Feature

As a manufacturer and supplier we ensure to provide beautiful and quality silk robe that offers a different feature to enhance your business including the following below:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Long-lasting life service
  • Plus size
  • Light and soft
  • Quality sleep
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Smooth and soft
  • Machine washable and more.

Universe Qianshun Robe Materials

As a provider of robes for different industries and businesses we will give some materials that use to make a high quality and durable robe such as:

  • 100% polyester
  • 100% silk
  • Cotton blend
  • Silk-blend
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Spandex and more
terry robe fabric

Build Up your Business with Universe Qianshun Silk Robe

Build Up your Business with Universe Qianshun Silk Robe
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Universe Qianshun is a reliable wholesale silk clothes manufacturer. We used advanced technology to make a wide range of comfortable with different sizes, colors, and designs of silk robes.  We have a professional makers and designer to give a durable and long-lasting silk robe.

Our silk robe can be thoughtful and sweet for any occasion such as dinner, wedding, honeymoon, and so on. As a manufacturer, we also provide custom silk robes for your business. It has a pocket where the user can store the phone, wallet, earbuds, or snacks.

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universe qianshun silk robe types

We provide silk robe that comes in a wide range of styles and some designed specifically for women and some for men. Below are some of the following types of silk robes including:

  • Men’s silk robe
  • Long silk robes
  • Silk bathrobes
  • Silk satin robes
  • Women’s silk robes
  • Sleepwear robes and so on.
universe qianshun silk robe colors to offer

In-universe Qianshun, we can offers different colors of silk robe. Such as the following below:

  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Purplish
  • Blue and many more.

Custom Silk Robe to Skyrocket your Business

Long Lace Silk Robes

We manufacture long lace silk robes that are available in white, burgundy, black, and other colors.  It is commonly used at weddings, sleepwear, and for events.

Charming and Sexy Satin Silk Robes

Universe Qianshun provides charming and sexy satin silk robes that offer different features such as quick-dry, breathable, plus size, soft and comfortable. It is made with 100% polyester.

Solid Bride Silk Robe

Our solid satin robes are perfect for home wear, birthdays, bridal party gift, and so on. It is lightweight, has eco-friendly water absorption, and is available in customized colors as you needed.

robe materials
  • “I really like the silk manufactured by Universe Qianshun. The fabrics used are very soft to touch. There are also a lot of color options. Thank you so much Universe Qianshun.”

  • “I purchased bulk orders of silk robes from Universe Qianshun that are very durable and offer high quality. Thank you!”

  • “I recently purchased wholesale silk robes from Universe Qianshun for my business. silk robes became the best seller in my business because of their high-quality and excellent designs. Thank you for the very good job Universe Qianshun!”

What Makes Silk Robes Unique?
  • Silk robes are very cool and comfortable
  • The materials are breathable
  • Effects of aging are minimized
  • Robes made of silk prevent hair from breaking even if the hair is rubbed at the same areas repeatedly
  • With silk robes, there are limited skin irritations
Is Silk Robe A Kimono?


A kimono is a silk robe that is worn as fashion on special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

Are Silk Robes Comfortable?


Silk robes are comfortable to the skin with no irritation or friction because of their smooth and soft material.

How Do You Close Silk Robes?

Slippery silk robes are closed with satin ties that are hidden inside.

Hidden hooks and eyes are also provided inside some vintage robes for closing the robes.

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