Universe Qianshun is your #1 supplier of creative dog t-shirts.
Our wide range of dog t-shirts is designed comfortable to wear,
made from premium quality and durable fabric.

● High-quality printing
● Beautiful and unique designs
● Machine washable
● Full customization according to your request

Universe Qianshun Dog T-Shirt

For your dog t-shirts sourcing, Universe Qianshun got you covered! We are a creative manufacturer that can satisfy your specific requirements. Our pet shirt comes from a highly breathable material that keeps dogs comfortable such as cotton, rayon, polyester, fleece, and more. We create dog t-shirts for daily wearing and occasions, no matter indoors or outdoors.

Dog t-shirts minimize the shedding for hairy pups and provide a measure of protection from the harmful UV rays and environmental allergens. It is a great solution to make the puppy feels hugged and feel relax. Choose the best dog t-shirts from our thousands of designs/pattern collections or custom your dog t-shirt products based on your brand or logo.

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Why Choose Universe Qianshan Dog T-Shirt

Breathable Fabric
Breathable Fabric

In manufacturing dog t-shirts, we use breathable fabric such as cotton. This will keep the dog comfortable, machine washes, and easy to put on, and take off.

Certified Products
Certified Products

Create an amazing and stylish dog t-shirt with us. These are consistent with all brand standards and guidelines. We will work closely with you

Custom Options
Custom Options

You can decide on the perfect design and logo for your ideal dog t-shirt. Please send your drawing or sample, our team will help you obtain creative products.

high quality
High Quality

Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality dog t-shirts to satisfy customers. Each product is thoroughly checked and tested for the best result.

Features and Benefits of Dog T-Shirts

  • Ultra-soft polyester/cotton blend
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine-washable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High-quality printing
  • Multiple colors
  • Comfortable no matter the climate
  • Minimizing shedding for hairy pups
  • Offer protection from the sun or environmental allergens
dog t shirts
dog t shirts material selection

Dog T-Shirts Material Selection

Discover several materials for your custom dog t-shirts. You can decide or we will recommend the best one for you. Choose from the following:

  • Cotton dog t-shirts
  • Knitted dog t-shirts
  • Rayon dog t-shirts
  • polyester dog t-shirts
  • Jersey dog t-shirts
  • Fleece dog t-shirts
  • Sweat Fabrics, etc.

Dog-Tshirt Custom Printing

Our company uses advanced sublimation printing technology for world-class printing quality. We can print the custom message or design you require. We can use all caps and big bold text for a readable and clear outline text colors. This guarantees a vibrant color that won’t fade.

The custom printing design of dog t-shirts looks adorable and eye-catching. It will reflect your brand and make you unique from other competitors. Get creative and have fun with us!

dog tshirt custom printing

Your Trusted Dog-TShirt Manufacturer

your trusted dog tshirt manufacturer
dog tshirt manufacturer

Whether you’re a pet shop owner, distributor, or dog apparel supplier, Universe Qianshun is the right manufacturer you can trust. We supply and makes the ideal custom dog t-shirt for your business. Our dog t-shirts are available in thousands of designs and various sizes guarantee to fit any personality of dogs. It comes in different fabric materials such as 100% cotton, rayon, polyester, fleece, and more.

You can find dog t-shirts perfect for every season and occasion. Our t-shirts are soft, breathable, lightweight, machine washable and printed with the superior quality prints to ensure vivid colors that won’t fade overtime. These are durable for everyday wear.

Pamper the dogs with this high-quality dog t-shirt and create a completely unique dog t-shirt with a professional dog t-shirt manufacturer – Universe Qianshun!

Universe Qianshun Dog T-Shirt

customization work process

Our expert design team will work closely with you to create awesome dog t-shirts.

  • Pick the t-shirt material/design
  • Customize a template
  • Review & select designs
  • Making Samples
  • Placing Wholesale Order
  • Start production
  • Rigorous testing and inspection
  • Shipping Arrangements
dogt shirt specifications

T-shirts and other pet-related clothes might be a terrific way to broaden your brand offers. Our team can help you boom your business by providing these custom specifications:

  • Choose the fabric material
  • Color – gray, white, raspberry pink, light green, orange, etc.
  • Sizes from tiny, S/M/L/XL
  • Gender – male, female, unisex
  • Life stage – adult, puppy, senior
  • Custom patterns
  • Put your logo or a catchy slogan on dog t-shirts
  • Custom packaging and shipping
  • Other specifications.

Custom Dog T-Shirt to Skyrocket Your Business

Custom Valentine Print Dog T-Shirt

Custom valentine print dog T-shirts are made from 100% polyester. It features sunscreen, is dustproof, and is skin-friendly. All these dog t-shirts are manufactured delicate handmade, breathable, and comfortable. These are all available in custom designs, sizes, and colors.

Bulk Mother’s Day Print Dog T-shirt

Get exclusive print design bulk Mother’s day print dog t-shirts at a very economical rate. It features a high-cut, stay-dry belly and sleeveless style. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Daisy Dog T-shirts Summer Sweatshirt

Daisy dog t-shirt’s summer sweatshirt is made from 100% milk fiber. It is a fabric silky, breathable, soft, and comfortable. It can be worn for a long time. A fashionable pullover dog t-shirt with good elasticity. No worries about putting on and taking off.

Cotton Dog T-shirts Striped Cute Color

Cotton dog t-shirts striped with cute colors have high elastic with exquisite workmanship designed from high-quality 95% cotton and 5% spandex. These materials are soft and lightweight materials perfect for making dog t-shirts. They are dog skin friendly.

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  • “Universe Qianshun is very great to work with. Their dog’s t-shirt customization is superb and amazing. Their products are obviously manufactured from the highest quality materials. The customer service is awesome!”

  • “Thank you, Universe Qianshun for the unique products and reliable service. The dog t-shirts are breathable and comfy, high-quality and beautiful, as well as cost-effective. You’ve exceeded our expectations!”

  • “I can’t imagine the best dog T-shirt design results I received from this manufacturer. They truly create awesome and unique dog t-shirts that definitely love my customers. The team is outstanding to work with!”

Is T-shirt Good For Dogs?

Yes, t-shirts are good for dogs. They protect the dog from environmental factors such as heat and cold. The t-shirts also ensure the dogs look good.

T-shirts are also good for dogs because with a t-shirt on you keep away dirt or any natural debris from getting into the dog’s fur.

How Do You Choose Right Dog T-shirt Size?

To choose the right dog t-shirt size, ensure you measure your dog. Take measurements of the neck area, chest area, and the length of the dog.

The chest area and the length are the most important places to consider to get the right dog t-shirt size.

Are Dog T-shirts Safe?

Dog t-shirts are safe as long as you get the right size. Getting a small t-shirt may choke your dog.

Generally, dog t-shirts are safe since they protect the dog from harsh temperatures.

Which Dog T-shirt Neck Types And Sleeves Are there?

Dog t-shirts have several neck types including; v-neck, polo neck, and crew neck.

As for sleeves, there are long-sleeved T-shirts, short sleeved t-shirts.

How Should Dog T-shirt Fit?

A dog t-shirt should not be too tight or too loose. It should fit just right to be comfortable and not hinder any movements.

Ensure the t-shirt has a little space to allow the dog to be free.

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