Universe Qianshun is a trusted manufacturer of custom dog cats.
We offer wholesale dog coats that are customizable based on your

● Waterproof protection
● Warm and cozy in winter
● Comfortable to use
● Quick-drying and extra warmth

Custom Dog Coat Supplier

Universe Qianshun offers high-quality and customized coats that are comfortable to use and doesn’t restrict pets’ movement. It can protect the dogs from outdoor conditions. We offer dog coats with optimal dog coverage, quality materials, and excellent construction. It is also designed with an optional fleece hood for extra warmth. Universe Qianshun can manufacture a wide range of dog coats according to your requirements such as designs, sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you have an established pet apparel business or starting your own, don’t hesitate to source dog coats at Universe Qianshun. We offer low minimum order quantities and affordable prices.

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Why Choose Universe Qianshun Dog Coat


We offer dog coats that are customizable for a specific dog breeds. Thus, providing superior coverage of the dog’s body.


Our custom dog coats are made from warm and soft fleece fabrics assuring comfortability, breathability, and lightweight.


We manufacture dog coats made from high-quality materials that are quick-drying, do not pill, and colorfast even if washed repeatedly.

Snug Fit
Snug Fit

Universe Qianshun can provide dog coats with Velcro straps and broad belly wrap made from waterproof material ensuring a snug fit.

What are Dog Coats?

Dog coats are specially designed to cover the dog’s back, torso, and chest. To allow their hind legs freely and freedom of movement, dog coats are usually designed with open bottoms. Here in Universe Qianshun, we offer different sizes and shapes of dog coats to cater to different pup needs.

Dog coats are both fashionable and practical choices at an affordable rate. It can provide every dog with protection and warmth. Whether you are promoting your brand or planning to sell pet apparel, choose Universe Qianshun as your dog coat supplier.

dog coats
different dog coat

Different Dog Coat Classification in the Market

There is a wide range of dog coat classifications with different functions and characteristics. To choose the right one for your business, you can learn from the different dog coat classifications below.

Jackets. Dog jackets are versatile and available in different styles. It can also be worn in different climates. These are functional yet stylish for do outerwear.

Raincoats. Raincoats are suitable for businesses that deal with selling pet sports equipment, travel gear, or outdoor equipment. It has a more specialized function because of its waterproof and windproof properties.

Winter Coats. These winter coats for dogs can provide extra protection and warmth during the winter season. It can allow the pet owners to walk their dogs outside in a freezing temperature.

Here in Universe Qianshun, we can provide all types of dog coats according to your needs.

Technical Specs of Our Dog Coats

Our dog coats are manufactured with the different specifications. It can be customized according to your requirements. Below are the common specifications of our custom dog coats.

  • Waterproof
  • Optional harness opening
  • Leash opening
  • Optional hoodie
  • Machine washable

If you have specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us!

technical specs of our dog coats

Your Reliable Dog Coat Manufacturer

dog coat manufacturer
your reliable dog coat manufacturer

Universe Qianshun is a trusted manufacturer of over 40 pet apparel brands around the world. We can provide all types of dog coats for huskies, Newfoundlands, chow chows, Pomeranians, Komondors, Havanese, Bearded Collie, Great Pyrenees, and more. All our dog coats are safe and practical to use for different dog breeds.

We also manufacture dog coats using our premier and automated production line. Our design team can customize each dog coat according to your requirements. Rest assured that we can always satisfy your business needs.

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dog coat design

We are manufacturing high-quality dog coats with a wide range of designs. You can purchase a bulk quantity of dog coats with the following designs:

  • Front chest pieces that are non-restricting for movement freedom
  • Counterbalance straps for preventing coat shifting
  • Reflective piping for dog’s safety
  • Adjustable neck gator
  • Broad belly wrap for a snug fit

You can also send us your specific design for customization.

measuring guide for choosing the right dog coat

We can provide you with a guide on choosing the right dog coat sizes.

  • Circumference of the dog’s neck
  • Length from between the shoulder along the back
  • Underbelly length
  • Waist circumference
  • Chest width
  • Chest behind the front legs

You can also request a specific size according to your requirements.

Custom Dog Coat to Skyrocket Your Business

winter clothes pet

Our Winter Clothes Pet Cold Weather are suitable for different seasons such as autumn, winter, and more. It features warm and windproof properties. We assure high-quality, durability, and long-lasting.

knit fleece dog coat

We manufacture Knit Fleece Dog Coat that is made from high-quality fleece fabric. It is suitable for winter, summer, and another seasons. These are also easy to wear, comfortable, breathable

reflective dog rain coat

Our reflective dog raincoat is available in solid or multicolor patterns. It can also be printed with your designs. These are manufactured with a hook loop and snap closing method. It is also made from high-quality polyester fabric.

Dog Clothes Winter Hoodie Coat

We offer dog clothes winter hoodie coats in different colors such as blue, pink, brown, green, red, and customized. It is available in customizable sizes based on your requirements. These are manufactured using 100% cotton cloth.

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  • “I highly recommend Universe Qianshun for your Dog Coat needs. All products are made from high-quality materials. This company creates original special designs Dog Coats that suit my requirements. Thank you for competitive wholesale price products and reliable service.”

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Are Dog Coats For Winter Warm?

Yes, dog coats for winter are warm. They have been made in a way that they provide the dogs with warmth during the winter.

Why Choose Waterproof Dog Coats?

Waterproof dog coats are the types of coats that do not allow water to go through them when you have them on.

How Do You Choose Best Dog Coats?

Make sure you know your dog’s size, then choose the best fitting.

When Should Dogs Wear Coats?

Dogs should wear coats especially when they are going to be outside for long.

How Should Dog Coat Fit?

A dog coat should not be too tight or too loose. It should fit just right to be comfortable and not hinder any movements.

How Do You Size Dog Coat?

To choose the right dog coat size, ensure you measure your dog. Take measurements of the neck area, chest area, and dog length.

At What Temperature Do Dogs Need Coats?

When the temperatures are at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

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