Universe Qianshun Pure cotton pajamas are comfortable and breathable,
giving you a comfortable experience

● Unique designs andpatterns
● Stable quality and printing
● Made from 100% cotton
● Available in all sizes

Universe Qianshun Cotton Pajama

For your wholesale cotton pajamas need, you’ve come to the right place. Universe Qianshun produces premium quality cotton pajamas. It is designed from 100% cotton fabric. We supply durable, soft and breathable cotton pajamas. It is guaranteed not easily wear off or go out of style. You can avail of cotton pajama pants or cotton pajama sets in both long sleeve and short sleeve choices. It comes in different sizes, patterns, colors and other specifications. You can assure the best and high-definition digital printing that ensures no fade designs, and clear and vibrant colors.

Universe Qianshun provides professional manufacturing services for many years. We help many clients to enhance brand value and improve sales volume. Our company adopts advanced sewing machine and manufacturing techniques to support your custom bulk order material development and sampling. Contact us today!

Why Choose Universe Qianshan Cotton Pajama

Competitive Price

Our company offers an extensive range of cotton pajamas with exquisite handicraft at a low price. We are a direct factory company.

Premium quality
Premium Quality

Each nightwear clothes are manufactured under strict quality control and inspection. We ensure excellent material certifications and durable dimensional layouts.

On time delivery
On-time Delivery

Reputable company with mature production management system. We also provide broad array of transportation methods to deliver your orders efficiently.

Customized Service
Customized Service

You can benefit from our full customization cotton pajamas services to boom your brand. We can support from fabric sourcing, color to pattern designs and delivery.

Cotton Material Selection

Universe Qianshun chooses the high-quality cotton fabric for manufacturing pajamas. We analyze every detail during this procedure to guarantee that:

  • The cotton quality is guaranteed
  • The sizes of the materials are what we wanted
  • Materials have no stains and flaws
  • The blend of colors is perfect
  • Cotton materials do not shrink or fade
cotton material selection
breathable cotton fabric

Breathable Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is well-known for being lightweight and breathable. This is due to the fact that it is a natural cloth. This material is one of the softest textiles with some flexibility to it, which makes it easy to move around in cotton pajamas.

Pajamas made from cotton are easy to maintain and machine-washed. It will not lose its softness or colors while washing. These cotton pajamas absorb sweat and make the wearer comfortable and unbothered throughout the night.

Rigorous Production

We can support you in all stages of rigorous production. Our team is specialize in:

  • Making various pattern design
  • Construction
  • Costing
  • Free sampling
  • Bulk Production
  • Merchandising
  • Shipping and delivery.
rigorous production

Universe Qiannshun – One-Stop Cotton Pajama Manufacturer

Cotton Pajama Supplier
Cotton Pajama Supplier

Universe Qianshun is expert in producing cotton pajamas. We source the very suitable materials to create quality cotton pajamas for your business. Our range of cotton pajamas are design with durability and style in mind. We pay close attention to every aspect of production.

We own sophisticated machines to manufacture your needs efficiently. To transform your cotton pajama into reality, please communicate with us, discuss your specifications, provide photocopy, confirmation, design development, sampling, bulk manufacturing and delivery. Whether you’re a bulk pajama sets importers, pajama boutiques, or wholesale pajama company, larger or small business, you can always rely on Universe Qianshun.

Cooperate with us!

cotton pajama

You can choose the best cotton pajama with fun prints and patterns. We supply luxurious cotton/cashmere blends, and cotton flannels for extremely comfortable and extra warmth. Our range of cotton pajamas is accessible in both long sleeve and short sleeve options. It is available in pajama pants and pajama shorts styles, according to your needs. All sizes are available from small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Customize your wholesale pajamas with styling designs such as extra buttons, pockets, contrast stitching or piping, monogramming, and more. We have various color and style preferences to suit various market needs.

Cotton Pajama Supplier

You can ensure that our cotton pajamas are provided with a complete guarantee against any manufacturing flaws. Our warranty does not cover cotton pajama products that have been used or have been damaged during shipment. Within a month after receiving the merchandise, you can contact our sales department with images and videos using any communication means.

If there is a manufacturing defect issue, our qualified staff will investigate it right away. Universe Qianshun Factory will deliver the best answer for you after we agree on the quality!

Custom Cotton Pajama to Skyrocket Your Business

Animal Pattern Cotton Pajamas

Get the economical and excellent wholesale animal pattern cotton pajamas with an extra comfortable relaxed fit at Universe Qianshun. It is nice against human skin and they’re conveniently machine washable. Even if you require large-volume production, we can support you.

Bulk Floral Design Cotton Pajamas

To experience the most convenient and practical wearing, Universe Qianshun provides bulk floral design cotton pajamas for ladies of all ages. These are meticulously manufactured, with premium stitching, and undergo strict quality control before the delivery process. This ensures 100% no-defect and high-quality.

Simple Stripes Cotton Pajamas

If you require simple stripes in cotton pajamas, you can have them here. It is super soft moisture-wicking and comfortable for wear and made from flexible cotton fabric. We can customize this product following your specific requests.

Big Feet Adult Footy Cotton Pajamas

Custom big feet adult footy cotton pajamas made from the softest 100% cotton fabric. These pajamas provide the utmost in style, sleep, and lounge comfort. It is designed with classic design, high-quality prints, and patterns.

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  • “Universe Qianshun is a trusted manufacturer of cotton pajamas. They offer the largest selection of designs at attractive and economical prices. The cotton materials are soft, warm, and breathable.”

  • “I highly recommend Universe Qianshun for a reliable cotton pajama sourcing. They provide amazing customization and after-sales services. The pajamas are made from the finest cotton. Thank you, Universe Qianshun for a cost-effective wholesale cotton pajama!”

  • “Cotton pajamas from Universe Qianshun are literally top-selling. These are easily to maintain and can be machine washed without any fear of losing the print, softness or colors. High-quality cotton pajamas with great style and designs are here.”

Are Cotton Pajamas The Best?

Cotton is renowned for being breathable and light.

Cotton is one of the softest fabrics, which is an added benefit when selecting it for pajamas.

Addition to being smooth and soft against your skin, it may also feel chilly.

Are Supima Cotton Pajamas The Softest?

The most comfortable pajama fabric is Supima cotton.

These pajamas have a particularly breezy lightweight feel, and the cloth is cool and silky like a second skin.

Are Cotton Pajamas Warm?

Body heat is kept close to the skin because of the tighter fit.

Cotton pajamas can be a fantastic option if you tend to become overheated at night or live in a warmer environment.

You won’t get too hot at night because they are breathable and light.

How Do You Choose Cotton Pajamas?
  • Size range: As always, pay attention to pajamas that come in various sizes.
  • Material: Think about how you want to feel in bed that’s how you decide the textile to wear there.
  • Design: The type of cotton pajamas also important when you are selecting.
  • Pricing: Also each cotton pajama has different price so while choosing considers your budget first.
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