Universe Qianshun supplies a wide variety of silk pajamas that is perfect
as sleepwear clothing. We offer wholesale silk pajamas at competitive pricing.

● Available sizes for kids, men, and women
● Breathable and very comfortable
● Made of top-quality silk textile
● Made-to-order for meeting your needs

Universe Qianshun Silk Pajamas

Made from high-quality silk, the silk pajamas are known for their smooth texture, extremely comfy, and soft texture. Since one of excellent sleepwear, it definitely gives a good night’s sleep. Moreover, silk pajamas allow the skin to breathe and it is less prone to causing rashes or discomforts. At Universe Qianshun, we provide custom silk pajamas with hypoallergenic quality. We can also offer different prints and patterns for silk pajamas (animal prints, floral prints, colored prints, etc). All the pajamas here are manufactured from great quality, long-lasting, and durable textiles. For your wholesale order customization, contact us directly!

Silk Pajamas Features

Skin Protection

Our made-to-order silk pajamas have soft texture properties, which provide skin protection for everyone.


The design, sizes, and styles are custom-made according to your requirements. Our goal is to satisfy your needs.


We provide silk pajamas with breathable designs. It is perfect for cold and summer nights. 100% comfortable.

Extremely Soft

We choose extremely soft silk textile for producing silk pajamas. Available in custom colors like green, red, blue, etc.

Customize Your Silk Pajamas With Us!

Universe Qianshun can customize your mulberry silk pajamas. We can add monogrammed initials or embroidered logo/ name to make these pajamas extra special.

Manufactured using lightweight and luxury silk textile, our custom silk pajamas are designed with relaxation and exact fit. Further, we offer these unique pajamas at an affordable price, without even appearing cheap. Perfect gift option for weddings, anniversaries, and more special events.

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Choosing the Right Silk Pajamas for Your Business

Here are factors you should consider when choosing the best silk pajamas for your company and clothing brand.

Kinds of Silk. Determine your desired silk for pajamas. You can choose from viscose, silk blends, vegan silk, and charmeuse. Each silk fabric has its own advantages such as glossy and breathability. Understand their advantages before deciding.

Versatility. This is one of the important factors to consider. Its versatility allows them to be useful not only for sleeping wear. They can blend well when paired with leather loafers and tailored trousers for office attire.

Instructions for Use. Silk is a delicate textile that can be prone to damage if not treated right.  Silk pajama is hand washable or dry clean. Before you order from us, ensure that the care instructions are in harmony with your washing cycle.

Our Advantages As Your Silk Pajamas Supplier

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Universe Qianshun is a fully experienced silk pajamas manufacturer. We provide customization and wholesale experience.

WE PROVIDE QUALITY – 100% quality control on all product lines, rigorous quality regulation from product design to mass production, and 100% cash returned guarantee for supplier-caused reliability problems.

ON-TIME DELIVERY – With our sophisticated technology, qualified personnel, and a large inventory of textiles in stock, we can complete orders quickly: samples in 5-15 days, bulk orders in 15-45 days, and rush orders are accepted.

COMPETITIVE PRICE – You get the cheapest value because you direct from the manufacturer and major supplier with low shipping rates across the world; no agents or middlemen disrupt your profits.

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Universe Qianshun is a professional silk pajamas supplier. We exported thousands of wholesale or custom silk pajamas to over nearly 50 countries nationwide. We provide competitive prices, excellent quality, and 100% satisfied customer service.

If you have a clothing brand and you need silk pajamas, Universe Qianshun is your great partner and supplier. All pieces are comfortable to wear, with skin protection and breathability. Universe Qianshun is also composed of trained employees and designers. We have established stable and long-term connections with businesses selling clothing products.

choosing satin vs silk pajamas

If you don’t know what is better for your pajamas, whether silk or satin fabrics, this information below can help you. We differentiate the two and each has different features and benefits.

Silk. The silkworm fabric has a very high price today. It includes castor silk, tussah silk, cassava silk, mulberry silk, georgette, charmeuse, crepe de Chine, and more. Among them, the most popular silk textile is mulberry silk. Silk fabrics are typically woven in a loop structure. It has a silky smooth texture, gentle, bright, stylish, and breathable. It is indeed the best fabric for producing pajamas.

Satin. It is a popular textile type. Cotton, cotton blends, polyester, or purely organic fiber can be used as raw materials. Polyester is the most ideal among them. It is mostly used for women’s pajamas and clothing. Satin products are popular because of their glossy finish, good weave, special yarn, excellent cut resistance, and lack of deformation after washing.

Washing Instruction You Need to Know

We advise washing your silk pajamas separately, do not wash them with bulky items. Then use a silk-friendly washing powder to give your silk garments the excellent care they require. Remember these dos and don’ts.


  • Use a delicate, silk-safe washing powder.
  • Choose a short, gentle cleaning method.
  • Avoid using hot water and washing in cold water.
  • For additional protection, place your soft silk in a bag.


  • Soak on a hot, full cycle.
  • Combine with bulky objects such as jeans or bedding.
  • Use laundry detergent – this leave stains on the silk surface after washing.
  • Using a chlorine detergent will discolor the cloth.

Popular Silk Used for Your Custom Pajamas

Mulberry Silk

Select mulberry silk for your custom pajamas. This type of silk fabric is one of the world’s favorite textiles for pajamas production. It is so widely known because it is thought to be the best silk available. This is affordable silk textile, that can produce different colors of pajamas and prints.

Spider Silk

Custom pajamas exactly manufactured using spider silk provides improved tensile strength. It is a strong fabric, making the pajama cut resistant. Your custom logo, brand, personalized name, or initials can be custom printed on spider silk pajamas.

Sea Silk

The sea silk fabric is extremely rare and fine. It is a relatively expensive kind of silk with superior quality. When used to produce pajama sets, they bring extreme comfort, breathability, and relax feels to everyone.

Bamboo Silk

Bamboo silk, also referred to as art silk is artificial silk. It commonly refers to different synthetic fiber that resembles silk but is not real silk. This fabric is great for manufacturing durable and high-quality silk pajamas. Perfect sleepwear for both cold and summer seasons.

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  • “Universe Qianshun is the manufacturer I trust for providing custom-made silk pajamas.” They consistently supplied me with long-lasting, good-quality pajamas.”


  • “I absolutely adore Universe Qianshun’s silk pajamas because all are very comfy and breathable while still being very cost-effective.”

  • “I bought a large number of silk pajamas at Universe Qianshun for my business. The silk pajama is very soft, elegant, and light. They also personalize the packaging according to my needs. Perfect supplier!”

Are Silk Pajamas Warm?

Silk is lighter than cotton and flannel, which are made of a heavier, coarser substance. Your skin feels softer and smoother against silk.

Silk is a natural body temperature regulator because it holds onto your skin’s moisture, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How Should You Wash Silk Pajamas?

Your “Delicate Wash” detergent should be used to gently hand-wash your silks in cold water.

If silk is washed in warm or hot water, it may shrink or weaken since it cannot withstand heat.

Avoid bleaching, soaking, or abrasive rubbing of the clothing.

What Do You Consider When Choosing Silk Pajamas?
  • Material
  • Prices
  • Size
  • Design
Are Silk Pajamas Durable?

Silk pajamas are more than just a lovely present or special purchase.

They are an investment that will stand the test of time. These pajamas are often long-lasting, simple to maintain, and quick to dry.

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