Custom Pajama

Universe Qianshun is a leading supplier of pajamas, especially for business applications.
We also offer wholesale to meet your needs. We used advanced equipment to make sure
all the fabrics provide good quality for our client. Our pajamas are commonly used for
indoor wear or wear for home as nightwear or daywear.

  • Made of soft fabric
  • Introduced as lounging attire
  • Usually worn as nightwear
  • Offer comfortable when using

Universal Qianshun Pajama

Universal Qianshun is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pajamas that can fit men, women, kids, and even babies. It is consist of trousers and shirt combination that is made of soft fabric including flannel or lightweight cotton.  We also provide shirt elements that have a placket front and sleeves with no caps.

We are a provider of custom unisex pajamas, and also offer wholesale custom pajamas. It is worn as nightwear with bare feet and without undergarments. These pajamas are made to comport people, especially in cold places.

If You need custom pajamas for your business, don’t hesitate to message us now!

Universe Qianshun Pajama Advantages

Fashionable Design
Fashionable Design

Universe Qianshun provides pajamas with fashionable design and superb quality. It is made with detailed instructions to ensure that each piece can exceed business and provide a cozy feel for your customers.

Comfortable to Use
Comfortable to Use

As a manufacturer of pajamas, we ensure that our pajamas are comfortable when used. It provides warmth for your customers. Our pajama comes in different sizes, colors, and designs.

Aid in Hygiene
Aid in Hygiene

Our pajamas can help to recharge the body of a person. It acts as a barrier between the human body and bedsheets that’s why it aids in hygiene. It helps for users to relax and feel comfortable.


Universal Qianshun manufactured pajama that are made from soft and breathable which means it has lightweight features. It is durable and stretchy for easy movements.

How Pajama Improve Health and Sleep Quality

We manufactured pajamas that can improve health and sleep quality including the following below:

  • Barring the human body against cold. It can cover your legs and completely protect your body throughout the night. It should be considered as an adding blanket during the winter season, having warm pajamas during cold nights is more effective.
  • Prevent illness. Wearing pajamas in Universe Qianshun can lower the rest of getting a cold or flu. With the help of our pajama every user do not need a blanket meaning, it can prevent illness.
  • In order to get a good night’s sleep, everyone needs to feel comfortable. It can stay for a good amount of time without any interruptions.
  • To give warmth to the body. Our pajamas are made from cotton which helps to user to feel warm on the human body. It is strong and well-insulated.
How Pajama Improve Health and Sleep Quality
Material Used To make Our Pajama

Material Used To make Our Pajama

Universal Qianshun manufactured pajamas for your business. It is made with different materials to make it comfortable and give a warm o body when used. Consider the following below:

  • Flannel Pajama
  • Cotton pajama
  • Knit pajama
  • Silk Cotton
  • Supima cotton
  • Coral velvet
  • Polyester
  • Modal and bamboo fiber
  • Rayon and satin and more

Universal Qianshun Pajama Features to Offer

As a manufacturer, we ensure to give quality products to the retailer also for the user. Our pajama has different features to offer including:

  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Thermal
  • Very soft and warm
  • Silky
  • Provides cool feelings
  • Alluring design and so on
Universal Qianshun Pajama Features to Offer

Universe Qianshun – Trusted Pajama Supplier

Universe Qianshun – Trusted Pajama Supplier in China
Universe Qianshun – Trusted Pajama Supplier in China

We offer wholesalers and retailers of pajama for business or start a business for clothing. It is distinguished as sleeping garments such as a nightgown. There are many variations of style such as short -sleeves, pajama bottoms of varying lengths and pajamas incorporating various non-traditional materials.

Universe Qianshun pajamas are composed of shirts and trousers with combinations of fabric. We provide customized pajamas for your business application or to start your business. Pajama from Universe Qianshun is considered garments all over the words.

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Custom Pajama in Different Color

Our pajamas are available in different colors and designs to meet the requirements of business clothing owners. We provide custom pajamas to meet your requirements such as:

  • Light Blue Stripe
  • Navy color
  • Red and dark blue stripe combinations
  • Red and pink
  • Blue and white
  • Blue dot
  • White and green
  • Yellow and many more.
Pajama Selection Methods

The pajama form Universe Qianshun offers a selection method for wholesalers. We consider the following below:

  • Hand feel method
  • Burning method
  • Pure silk
  • Hand out dry
  • Ironing
  • Preservation and So on.

Why Choose Universe Qianshun as your Trusted Pajama Supplier

Quality Matters

We manufactured pajamas that are made from high-quality materials. Also, we are passionate about quality to make our customers be happy. Each and every item we made are carefully selected and thoroughly selected for the best results.

Fine Workmanship

Our pajama provides an attractive combination with a fashionable and high-quality feature. Every part of the pajama is made by an expert worker in a detailed way to ensure that each piece of our pajama can meet your expectations.

Cost – effective OEM Service

We provide cost-effective service no matter what ideas you want for your clothing business such as drawing, patterns, colors, size, design, and more. Universe Qianshun has a lot of professionals and is glad to help you especially when you have a business or will start your business.

Build Up your Business with Universe Qianshun Pajama
Build Up your Business with Universe Qianshun Pajama

Universe Qianshun has more than 19 years of OEM in the pajamas industry and with almost 8000 designs that are suitable for different types. We offer wholesalers and retailers of pajamas all over the world. Also, we provide pajama that offers fast delivery and high quality for an affordable price.

  • “Thank you so much Universe Qianshun for giving me the opportunity to purchase your pajama for my business all of my customers really like it. I will always choose you as my supplier.”

  • “The pajamas from Universe Qianshun are very strong and comfortable to use. It is suitable for cold places such as homes, mountain places, and more. I will give five stars to you and your team Universe Qianshun.”

  • “All pajamas you made are very useful and comfortable to use gives warm in human body give with cooling experience. Thank you so much Universe Qianshun.”

How Do You Choose Best Pajama?

Choosing a pajama that feels comfortable and creates a favourable sleeping environment depends on one’s tastes and preferences.

Material: consider silk pajamas during winter and cold seasons.

On the other hand, you can consider otton pajamas for summer because they are light and breathable. Moisture absorbing fabric for sweaty nights.

Size: Choose one that is not too tight or loose, just one that can fit perfectly according to your body type.

Care: To maintain the fabric’s longevity and shape, stick to the materials that are easy to wash.

Colour: Express how you feel by choosing colours and prints that pop out your personality

How Do Traditional Pajama Compare to Contemporary Pajama?

Traditional pajamas are worn during the night without undergarments.

It consists of a pair of shirt and trousers, mostly worn by children.

Contemporary pajamas are derived from traditional pajamas. They vary in styles, such as long and short- sleeved tops and bottoms.

Where Did Pajama Originate From?

They are mainly associated with the South Asia, more so the Indians and Persians.

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