Custom Bathrobe

Universe Qianshun is your reliable partner when it comes to custom bathrobe supplies.

We customize any bathrobe with your brand labels and specific designs.

  • Available in a wide range of textiles, from typical cotton to deluxe cashmere
  • Designed with multiple sizes, imprinting options, and designs
  • Provides an extra level of comfort
  • Low MOQ per style, per size

Universe Qianshun Bathrobe

Bathrobe is designed with water-absorbing capacity to help dry off the body after taking a shower. As one of leading bathrobe manufacturers, we customize them according to your brand labels and certain business needs. These are suitable for many applications, such as spa bathing, wedding robes, hotel robes, and so on. However, we can personalize bathrobe with embroidery and lettering options. It is made also from soft texture textile for cozy experience.

Universe Qianshun is the best wholesale bathrobe supplier. We have wide expertise on private label service and sample making. If you need our custom bathrobe and services, please contact us!

Custom Bathrobe Features


Designed with unisex sizing to fit small to XXL adult sizes. We offer custom bathrobes for kids and adults.


Each robe is designed with fashionable styling and custom label imprinting options. Best-seller in the market.


You are allowed to personalize the size, style, and label prints of your ideal bathrobes. Made of top-quality fabrics.

Absorbs Water
Absorbs Water

We supply custom bathrobes that are made of different water-absorbing textiles. It helps the material avoids horrible smell.

Guide to Robe Fabric Types

Here are some of the best fabric types you can choose for your custom bathrobes.

Cotton Waffle – The distinct diamond or rectangular shape robe fabric patterns differentiate waffle-weave cotton robes from others. It is a fast-drying fabric.

Cotton Terry – This type of textile is the most popular option for classic robes. It has excellent water-absorbent qualities.

Wool Textile – If you need a bathrobe that provides cuddly warmth fabric type, then a wool-made bathrobe is for you. Its little bulkiness makes it ideal for reserving heat.

Satin and Silk – This textile is perfect for bathrobes to use for romantic getaways and beach holidays. But unlike cotton, it does absorb little water.

Cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics on the market today. It uses animal fur or hair fibers, perfect for the cold season.

Fleece Fabric – A bathrobe made from fleece provides a warm feeling. These are also durable and moisture resistant making them suitable for extreme weather conditions usage.

Guide to Robe Fabric Types
Considerations in Choosing Fabric Type

Considerations in Choosing Fabric Type

Custom bathrobes made of different fabrics have different uses. Consider the following factors before placing bulk orders.

  • Weight. Robe’s weight determines how nice and comfortable it is.  If you live in a cooler area, preferably a bulky fabric with excellent insulators (like wool bathrobes). While if you live in a hotter climate, a thinner fabric (such as satin and silk) is a good fit.
  • Maintenance. Specific fabric types (such as cashmere, which must be dry cleaned) need some more care and are best reserved for special events. For daily use, go with a lower-maintenance textile.
  • Cost. High-quality fabrics dictate higher prices. Make sure to verify the expensive textile if it’s real or just an imitation.
  • Absorbency. Choose bathrobes with high absorption qualities. Satin and silk textile are not recommended.

What Makes Our Bathrobe Popular?

Universe Qianshun’s bathrobes are a best-seller in the market. What makes them popular? Their extended, firmer loops provide good absorbency and fluffiness. They also come in a variety of sizes to meet the customer needs of all ages, and they’re crafted to spend less time in the dryer, saving time and energy. Other reasons include:

  • Perfect, feathery-soft cotton of the best standard.
  • EMB design comes in a variety of colors.
  • These bathrobes have a high absorption rate.
  • Trendy, exquisite, and convenient design
  • Color, size and gram weight can all be personalized to your specifications.
What Makes Our Bathrobe Popular

Universe Qianshun: Your One-Stop Bathrobe Supplier

Universe Qianshun One-Stop Bathrobe Supplier in China
Universe Qianshun One-Stop Bathrobe Supplier in China (1)

Universe Qianshun is a leading custom bathrobe supplier. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, one-stop tailoring service. We offer OEM services to help businesses achieve their objectives. We custom-make bathrobes to achieve all of your specifications.

We also provide custom packaging. There is no need to seek out other labeling companies; we can provide one-of-a-kind bathrobe packaging services such as labels, tags, and cartons.  Our team creates private labels based on your desires.

Please contact us right away if you have any questions!

Imprinting Options to Choose From

Your company logo or visual identity can be imprinted on our bathrobes. There are also several font and stitching color options. We provide a variety of imprinting options, including:

  • Stamped
  • Monogrammed
  • Embossed
  • Transfer of Heat
  • Engraved with a laser
  • Full Color
  • Silkscreen

Communicate with us for exact prints on your custom bathrobes. These robes are also available in vibrant colors to meet your needs.

bathrobe production

Our assembly lines will handle all procedure aspects, assisting you at each step and keeping you up to date on the situation. The information provided below gives an outline of the bathrobe manufacturing system.

  • Send Us Your Concept
  • Sourcing Textiles and Accessories
  • Sample Creation
  • Bulk Manufacturing
  • Custom Embroidery and Printing
  • Personalization
  • Quality control
  • Shipping & Wrapping

Custom Bathrobe for Your Clothing Brand

Custom Kids Bathrobe

Universe Qianshun provides a bathrobe that fits kids’ sizes, from small to XXL kid sizing. It is a dressing gown, more preferred than a towel since it provides high absorbency and body coverage. These robes can be imprinted with your clothing brand and personalized names.

Custom Adult Bathrobe

The custom adult bathrobe can be made from custom textiles, such as terry cotton, silk and satin, wool, cashmere, and so on. These are perfect as wedding robes, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and more. It comes with unisex adult sizing, and can fit XS to XXL adult sizing.

Satin Men Bathrobe

Apart from a luxurious feel and comfy design, satin men bathrobes are also great because of their absorbent quality. It is commonly made out of lightweight fabric and in fact, absorbs 30% of water. However, they come in a quick-drying structure for anti-horrible smell.

Personalized Spa Bathrobe

If you have a spa business, our personalized spa bathrobe is an excellent option for you. It is available in a wide unisex size range, from XS to 5XL to fit different body types (petite robes, medium size robes, short robes, plus-size robes, and tall robes). They are mostly made of terry cloth due to their quick-drying features.

Your Great Supplier of Finest Bathrobe in China
Your Great Supplier of Finest Bathrobe

Premier Wholesale Bathrobe Supplier. Offer Finest Quality for Worldwide Customers. Competitive Price. Made of 100% Quality Textile.

  • “Universe Qianshun is the best partner for me as a bathrobe brand. They assisted me in establishing and expanding my market presence. Moreover, I received the finest bathrobes, personalized to meet my expectations.”

  • “Universe Qianshun pay full attention to bathrobe details. They make sure to satisfy us by providing high-quality bathrobe and OEM services. All I can say is they never disappointed us!”

  • “I received many praises from my individual customers of bathrobes. All are made of finest textile making them high-quality and multipurpose to any event.”

Why Do You Need A Bathrobe?

A bathrobe keeps the body warm and absorbs water after a shower because they are of the same material as towels. You need a bathrobe to cover your body after you’ve bathed and when choosing an outfit before dressing up.

When in the house, a bathrobe can add an extra layer of warmth over your clothes which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Can You Wear Clothes Under Bathrobe?

Yes, as long as it makes you comfortable you can wear clothes underneath the bathrobe.

How Should You Care And Clean Bathrobes?

Use your hands to remove minor stains from the bathrobe. To prevent the bathrobe belts from twisting and knotting, remove or toss them loosely in with the robe.

Take a mild quarter-cup laundry detergent to the washer. Don’t rub on the stain to avoid the threads from tearing as the velour is sensitive. Never use bleach and fabric softeners to avoid damaging the bathrobes.

Add bathrobes of the same colors and fabrics in the load. Then, select cold water with a medium spin speed. You will then start the cycle.

Get rid of all the detergent by rinsing the bathrobe several times. Then, carefully, stretch and then use a hanger to avoid creases.

Air dry your bathrobe outside avoiding direct sunlight which may fade the color.

Which Bathrobe Designs Are There?

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar is a shawl-like design that the collar closes around the neck.

They are of various styles, lengths, and fabrics, perfect for late-night and very early in the morning warmth.

Kimono Collar

This is a Y-shaped manner thin strip that wraps around the front with a consistent width.

The kimono collar robes are available in very long floor-length and short styles.

They are used as outer garments for relaxing at night on the town.


A hooded robe is worn over the head when you are from the shower with wet hair as it is sewn into the neckline to keep the head warm and dry wet hair.

They are of different materials and lengths worn for extra warmth.

Front Pockets

Robes with front pockets help in holding items that are used frequently e.g. cell phones.

Waist Belt Closure

Waist belts have two loops on each side that securely closes the robe by adjusting them for it to be worn with confidence from the front.

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