Silk Eye Mask

Universe Qianshun manufactures silk eye masks from 100% pure mulberry highest-grade silk.  It guarantees the luxury of sleep and is comfortable to wear. You can request a custom mass production to meet your certain business demands.

  • Available in a variety of styles and designs
  • Low MOQ of only 100 pieces
  • Offer smooth, silky feel
  • Have a stretchable elastic strap

Universe Qianshun Silk Eye Mask

Silk eye masks are tiny masks that fit snugly over the eyes and are made of the opulent material, silk. They are intended to offer better sleep. It filters out light and is kept on by a cozy elastic band that wraps around the head. It won’t irritate the skin or cause creases around the eyes. These eye masks are available in a wide range of designs and styles perfect for wearing to bed at night or on a long-haul flight.

At Universe Qianshun, you can find a broad array of silk eye mask designs from the highest quality silk materials. All our sleep masks are carefully made with strict quality control and inspection. These are affordable items for your business. We use OEKO-TEX Certified silk fabric which guarantees free of chemicals materials, safe and hypoallergenic.

For your specific requirements, please contact us immediately. We’re happy to serve you.

Custom Silk Eye Mask Features


Silk eye mask can be easily and gently washed to use again and maintain its beauty and integrity. It is easy to care for.

Great Design
Great Designs

We can supply thousands of silk eye masks available in various prints, patterns, colors, sizes, and features. It is durable and smooth.

Safe to Use

All silk eye masks are safe to use and hypoallergenic. It is also environmentally friendly, and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.


We can custom design silk eye masks based on your specifications. You can send your sample or drawing and our team will communicate with you.

Silk Eye Mask Outstanding Features

  • Thick silk fabric, hypoallergenic
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Washable silk sleep mask
  • Lightly padded with pure silk fill
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Design with a secure and comfortable strap
  • Accommodate all sizes and shapes of face
  • Ultimate smoothness and comfort
  • Made from 100% pure mulberry silk
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask

Silk - Best Fabric for Sleeping Mask

Silk material is an ideal fabric for making sleeping masks. Some are the following advantages of using this material:

  • Lightweight – silk is lightweight and washable. It can save you cost on the shipping and delivery.
  • Smooth – It has a smooth texture that easily glides around the eyes, preventing creases and wrinkles. It doesn’t irritate the delicate around the eyes skin. This won’t interfere with any moisturizers or sleep creams. It doesn’t pull on the eyelashes.
  • Blackout qualities – sleep mask shields your eyes from any unneeded light that can interfere with your sleep. If trying to take a nap during the day, this is extremely helpful.
  • Durability – Guaranteed superior quality eye mask that provides the ultimate combination of shine, durability, thickness, and softness.

Our Silk Eye Mask Excellent Style

Universe Qianshun can manufacture various designs of eye masks such as bright floral prints eye mask, smaller floral patterns, pastel polka dots, monochrome sleep mask, and more. Whether you want easy-on-the-eye designs or bold colour eye masks, we got you covered.

No matter what your custom design requirements are, we have experienced designers that can provide what you need. We provide a low MOQ of your purchase.

Silk Eye Mask

Universe Qianshun – Trusted Silk Eye Mask Supplier for Many Years

Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask

For your wholesale silk eye mask, you can rely on Universe Qianshun. We supply amazing and stylish silk eye masks for your business. These are manufactured with a superior attention-to-detail design, and smooth finish, from high-quality silk raw materials. These are environmentally friendly because silk is a natural fiber. Our company is dedicated to providing consistent quality production of your custom silk eye mask orders.

To support your start-up business, you can purchase as low as 100 pcs here. We provide 100% quality assurance that ensures to skyrocket your business. We always double-check and inspect every stage of production until the moving process. For your custom needs, we offer free samples, designs, and on-time delivery.

Please get in touch with our team now.

Silk Eye Mask

Universe Qianshun has strong capabilities to provide OEM services to clients worldwide. No matter what your applications are, we guarantee to meet your needs. Our silk eye mask is available in custom designs and patterns, sizes, and colors. We can also put the logo of your brand on the product.

With advanced manufacturing lines and techniques, Universe Qianshun can manufacture efficiently and accurately. Just send your drawings or samples and our team will review and discuss the process with you.

Silk Eye Mask
  • Weave and weight of silk eyewear
  • Buy 100% pure mulberry highest-grade silk
  • Consider the mask size
  • Choose the eye mask with a secure and comfortable strap
  • Buy a safe, environmentally-friendly silk eye mask
  • Certified to OEKO-TEX standard – no harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Consider buying easily be hand washed

We will recommend the best product at the best price to support your business.

How Universe Qianshun Boost Your Brand

Excellent Complete Service

From material selection, prototyping, and mass production to shipping and delivery, you can guarantee our full and complete support service. You can also request custom packaging and manufacturing here. Universe Qianshun is committed to the success of your business.

Worldwide Support

Customers around the world can benefit from our superior quality silk eye mask and other related products. All products are well-manufactured under ISO, CE, SGS certified fabrication facilities. We support cost-effective shipping and arrangements.

Fast Production and Delivery

With sophisticated, automated machinery and experienced designers, we can design and supply thousands of products for your needs. We have a short production lead time and offer fast delivery.


Our products can be OEM to satisfy your unique specifications and needs. We have expert designer that will work with you during the entire production process.

Silk Eye Mask Manufacturer
Reputable Manufacturer of Custom Silk Eye Mask

Universe Qianshun Leading Supplier of Silk Eye Mask. Low MOQ as low as 100 pcs. Fast production, Affordable wholesale price, free samples, and on-time delivery. We support custom manufacturing to satisfy your needs. Message us today!


  • “The silk eye mask we received is in good condition and package well. The soft material helps protect the skin. It has an outstanding design and color. Affordable investment ever. Great manufacturer indeed!”

  • “Universe Qianshun silk eye mask is amazing and wonderful. The colors are vibrant and attractive, and the silk fabric is smooth and breathable. Excellent quality products.”

  • “Universe Qianshun provides bulk silk eye mask orders for my company. All products are carefully manufactured from superior quality silk material. Thank you so much.”

How Do Silk Eye Masks Work?

They simply block out light (and some also block out sound) and trick the body into thinking its nighttime – the time to sleep.

After all, the average person’s sleep-wake cycle is regulated mainly by the amount of light in the environment. That’s why many people have trouble getting 8 hours of quality sleep in a brightly lit room.

What Is The Advantage Of Therapeutic Silk Eye Masks?

Therapeutic silk masks contain lavender, mint, and other natural aromas that have a therapeutic effect. The herbal scents not only help with asleep, but also soothe sinuses, relieve stress, and clear nasal passages.

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