Warm your winter by heating the hoodie series

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Heated Clothing

Heated clothing integrates cutting-edge technology to provide warmth in extreme conditions. These garments feature built-in heating elements powered by rechargeable batteries, offering consistent heat distribution for comfort and ease during outdoor activities.

Universe Qianshun is a professional manufacturer&supplier of custom heated clothings.

Types of Heated Apparel

Explore a variety of heated clothing options:

  • Heated Jackets: Ideal for chilly outdoor environments, providing warmth without the bulk.
  • Heated Gloves: Keep your hands warm and dexterous in cold weather.
  • Heated Pants: Perfect for maintaining leg warmth during winter sports or outdoor work.

Why Choose Our Halloween Costumes?

why choose our halloween costumes
why choose our halloween costumes

Universe Qianshun is a professional manufacturer&

supplier of custom heated clothings

Carbon fiber heating wire, fast heating, durable insulation, environmental protection material.

The front and back of the clothes are heated, and the neck/chest/abdomen/back is warm in all aspects

Can have three speed temperature control, uniform heating

Intelligent Technology

heated switch

Intelligent temperature control

carbon fiber heating wire

Uniform heat, good thermal conductivity, environmental protection material

Recommended product

flannel heated hoodie

Warm flannel fabric + intelligent heating technology, winter to give you a full range of warmth, drive away the cold

cotton heated hoodie

Star products of pure cotton heating hoodie, pure cotton fabric comfortable and skin, autumn and winter warm necessary, simple fashion clothing design

heating jacket

There are heating sheets in front and back to keep you from the cold and warm through the winter

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