Wool Blanket Manufacturer in China

Universe Qianshun has specialized in wool blanket production for many years. The wool blanket has extra softness, durability, and warmth. It is available in sizes – twin, full, king, and queen-size.

  • Made of 100% virgin wool
  • It comes in vibrant colors and checks patterns
  • Offer unmatched quality and longevity
  • Bespoke designs, patterns, sizes

Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket

The wool blanket is made from 100% pure wool. It comes in simple and neutral colors as well as traditional check patterns. This is a terrific investment for your business and environment. If you’re looking for elegance and comfort, the Universe wool blanket is your best choice.

Universe Qianshun carries a wide selection of wool blankets. It is available in various designs, from modern to traditional, vibrant to neutral. At Universe, you can discover wool blankets to match your brand. Please feel free to send us your design.

Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket Advantages

Temperature Regulating
Temperature Regulating

Due to its exceptional breathability, the wool blanket naturally controls body temperature. It’s a good insulator that absorbs and expels natural humidity. Absorbs 33% of its weight in moisture.


The wool blanket has inherent fire resistance. It is a terrible choice for fire fuel. If wool does ignite for whatever reason, the fire will smolder and extinguish itself without growing.


Universe Qianshun wool blanket is not allergic and can be made dust-free. It helps reduce allergies and allows longer and deeper sleep. This type of blanket is gentle on sensitive skin.

Supreme Softness
Supreme Softness

Crafted with premium-grade wool, these lightweight, cozy knit blankets offer a level of softness and breathable experience. Neither sheep nor cotton can match with Universe wool blanket.

Universe Qianshun Blankets in High-quality Wool

Breathable Warmth and Comfort. The wool blanket has a nearly miraculous ability to regulate temperature, wick moisture, offer airflow, and keep dry and comfortable.

Natural Benefits. It naturally resists soiling, fire, and static. Because it’s made of natural, renewable resources, it is wise for your brand and environment.

No Dye or Fire-Retardant Added. This blanket is free of additional dyes or fire retardants. No chemical flame retardants add on.

Washable Wool. Universe Qianshun wool blankets require less maintenance. A mild liquid soap or a wool specific detergent is recommended. It’s soft, odor-free, and less prone to shedding.

Universe Qianshun Wool Blankets
Custom Wool Blanket Embroidery & Monogramming

Custom Wool Blanket Embroidery & Monogramming

Here at Universe Qianshun, we can do custom printing of your label.

  • Embroidery

you can provide up to three lines of text. A maximum of 20 characters per line, including spaces.

  • Monogramming

you can add initials. The middle initial of the last name may vary in size and placement.

Pick from the various fonts, colors, and styling options. Then all sales are final.

OEM and ODM Wool Blanket for Brand

Universe Qianshun is a leading OEM/ODM wool blanket factory. Whether you want to choose an existing product or develop new from our catalog. You can discuss your sourcing needs with our sales manager. And get technical support for your application.

1. Inquiry: You can provide details about your requirements, including composition, size, weight, pattern, and number so that we can quickly provide a price quote.

2. Design: Our design team gets involved in the project right away. To guarantee custom creation to meet clients’ expectations.

3. Quality Management: We maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System to deliver high-quality products.

OEM and ODM Wool Blanket for Brand

Why Trust Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket

Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket
Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket1

Universe Qianshun is a leading custom wool blanket manufacturer. Our professional R&D team can bring your design to life. Each wool blanket will be branded with your label. You can get custom care labels. Additionally, custom packaging is an option.

Over the years in the textile industry, we have worked with established businesses and start-ups. You can test your designs in small quantities, thanks to our low MOQ support. Our production team will guide you through the procedure. Assist you at each stage and frequently inform you of the status. Now, let’s get your project started!

Pure Wool Blankets and Wool Blends Differences

The 100% pure wool blankets are ideal for winter. It has several suitable properties which make it excellent. Anti-bacterial, water-resistant, and flame-resistant, to name a few. In addition, a wool blanket is naturally dirt-repellent and therefore does not need to be washed as often as many other materials.

However, the wool blend also offers excellent characteristics, such as a soft finish. Materials used as second fiber are viscose, cotton, alpaca, and cashmere. Each mixture provides an advantage over the others. For example, the cashmere wool blankets are deliciously soft, warm, and light, easier to maintain. Universe Qianshun can help you in choosing the best material.

Custom Wool Blanket Process Work

For each custom wool blanket project, we provide design consultation and development. Once you’ve decided to proceed with a blanket project, the procedure typically goes as follows:

Design and Development. If you already have artwork you want to utilize, we will work with you to modify it following our manufacturing standards. Alternatively, we have a team who can make an original style if you require a unique design.

Review a Sample Blanket. A sample wool blanket is created after the artwork is complete. We’ll send you images to help you get a sense of the finished product.

Quick Delivery. We can make custom with a 1-2 week lead time. Each wool blanket is individually packaged.

Why Choose Universe Qianshun Wool Blanket

Beautiful Design

We assist you in acquiring an attractive design, aesthetics, and functionality wool blanket. Paying attention to the newest market trend can make your creative design stand out.

High-end Quality Fabric

The blanket is made of 100% wool. It will adjust to fluctuations in temperature. Breathable and moisture-wicking abilities support dry temperature. Fire-resistant is an extra advantage.


It takes only 100 pieces of a wool blanket – in any color, size, or design. Depending on the print design and approach, the minimum will vary when using a custom print style.

Custom Printing

Universe Qianshun can custom-print wool blankets. The process includes silk-screen printing, sublimation, 3D printing, water-based printing, embroidery logos, and graphics.

Private Labeling

As a custom wool blanket manufacturer, we work for many textile brands. We can custom brand labels and tags, as well as custom packaging. We ensure that your customers will appreciate your brand.

Best Wool Blanket Factory
Your Best Wool Blanket Factory in China

Universe Qianshun provides OEM and ODM wool blanket services. We can custom any styles, fabric, and designs you want. Passed Textile Industry Standards. Low MOQ.

  • “We receive a set of your beautiful wool blankets, excellent quality… We love it, and will be a great addition to our product list. Very impressed with the speed of delivery. Looking forward to our next cooperation.”

  • “Universe Qianshun wool blankets are lovely. Beautiful, lovely cozy, and functional. It arrived quickly. Great value for money. Highly recommended.”

  • “I performed a ton of research on various wool blankets, both domestically and internationally. Of course, I choose Universe Qianshun in the end. The wool blankets have an excellent appearance and fine craftsmanship. Future purchases will undoubtedly increase.”

Is Wool Blanked Worth it?

According to several studies, sleeping on or under a wool blanket reduces the likelihood of nighttime.

It helps in awakenings by balancing moisture and heat, keeping warm sleepers warm and hot sleepers cool.

Are Wool Blankets Warm?

The warmest blankets are thicker, including cashmere, cotton fleece, and wool blankets.

Warm air is trapped between the strands of a fluffy or napped blanket, keeping you warm.

The same principle also explains down’s remarkable insulating properties.

What Should You Look For In Wool Blankets?

When selecting a wool blanket, factors to take into account include :

  • The type of blanket, finding out how the blanket will be used, for example, sleeping or camping, makes it easy to decide.
  • The types of Wool used: Some of the Wool used in blankets are cashmere, merino, and alpaca.
  • The comfort and feel of the blanket – Wool has a reputation for being itchy; however, many types of Wool are soft and comfortable.
  • The size and weight – Woolen blankets are often measured by weight and size, ensuring you get the correct one.
  • Aesthetics are particularly important when buying a blanket to cover the couch or put in the bedroom.
How Long Do Wool Blankets Last?

If you care for your wool blankets properly, they may keep you warm and cozy for decades.

It is a welcome change in a society where individuals regularly upgrade their PCs every other year, their cars every three years, and their wardrobes every season.

How Should You Care And Wash Wool Blankets?

All pure wool blankets should always be washed in cold water and gently wrung out or rolled.

A hand washes, delicate wash cycle, and low-action washer spin on contemporary appliances can yield good results.

What Makes Wool Blankets Smell After Washing?

Natural oils and waxes contribute to the aroma of wool fiber.

Those with a keen sense of smell may detect the lanolin oil naturally in sheep wool.

Although uncommon, this aroma is proof of the Wool’s high caliber and purity.

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