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Universe Textiles

A Global Home Textile Supplier

Universe Textiles is a professional manufacturer of textile products. Our company is founded on 2019. Our factory covers more than 30000 square meters with 600 skilled employees and over 20 textile engineers.

As a professional manufacturer, we are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing all kinds of textile products. We also have cut-and-sew capabilities to ensure that we can offer affordability, functionality, and consistent quality. Among our textile products are the following:

  • Pet bed
  • Dog clothes
  • Bathrobe
  • Baby clothes
  • Bed sheet

Since our establishment, Universe Textiles has been committed to providing customers with the best quality products at a competitive price. We also have a strong production capacity, service team, excellent designer, design center, and superior raw material sourcing. Our team continues to create all efforts to make environmentally-friendly home textiles.

Aside from that, Universe Textiles guarantees the quality of all the products through our strict QC team and excellent management. Over the years, Universe Textiles has increased its manufacturing capacity to serve more clients in a short lead time.

  • Quality-Oriented Textile Factory
  • Quality-Oriented Textile Factory

Quality-Oriented Textile Factory

Here in Universe Textiles, quality manufacturing doesn’t have to be expensive. Thus, we offer low warranty costs without compromising the quality of our products. Additionally, our company offers quality control and assurance to satisfy your requirements.

Throughout the years of operation, we have helped different companies and clients to develop, design, and manufacture home textiles for their brands. Universe Textiles is a leading textile supplier that serves domestic and international clients.

Advanced Production Line

Universe Textiles is a global manufacturer of custom textiles for different industries. We produce our wide range of high volume and custom products through our advanced production line such as the following equipment:

  • Textile coloring area
  • Packaging area
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Advanced Production Line
  • Advanced Production Line
  • Factory with Social Responsibility
  • Factory with Social Responsibility

Factory with Social Responsibility

As a textile manufacturer, we take care the lives and happiness of our employees with our sense of social responsibility. To ensure that our employees are working happy in our factory, we ensure that we have the following:

  • Enough room for the employees
  • Correct materials
  • Comfortable and safety working environment

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